Predictum is in the business of improving yields, quality and productivity while reducing compliance and other costs. We do this by making statistical analysis accessible, and routine. Let's talk about how we might help you.

  • Management Team

    Wayne Levin

    President & CEO

    For almost 3 decades Wayne Levin has worked with a variety of management, engineering and technical staff to improve their operations by way of applied statistical methods. He founded Predictum Inc. with a goal of improving client operations and accelerating their research through consulting and training on the use of analytical methods and developing software systems to support these efforts.

    Predictum’s clients include Fortune 500 companies in semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, automotive, consumer products, chemical and financial and insurance industries in the United States, Canada, Europe and the middle and far east. Wayne graduated from the University of Toronto in Industrial Engineering and obtained a Master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

    Michael Haslam PhD

    VP, Applications Development

    Dr. Michael E. Haslam was most recently an Engineering Manager, Member of the Technical Staff and Six Sigma Master Black Belt at National Semiconductor Corporation in Arlington, Texas. Joining National in 1988, Dr. Haslam held a variety of positions in both R&D and manufacturing. His areas of responsibility have included new process development, quality and yield improvement, process control, process improvement, product improvement, operations management and engineering management.

    Dr. Haslam has taught extensively in the areas of Engineering Data Analysis, Process Control, Risk Analysis and Six Sigma. Most recently, he has built a wide variety of engineering productivity and data analysis tools using the JMP platform. He received his BS, M-Eng and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, concentrating in Solid State Physics and Semiconductor Wafer Processing. He holds several patents in the area of Semiconductor Processing.

    Michael’s recent projects have centered on Operations Intelligence Systems in Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Marketing.

  • Predictum Analytical Productivity™ solutions allow you to understand your data in a way that uncovers patterns, insights and ideas to inform the most challenging business decisions.

    Company Info

    Predictum is an analytical solutions company with clients of all sizes, including Fortune 100 companies in Semiconductor, Bio/Pharma, Chemical, Consumer Products and Automotive. These companies hire us to optimize their analytical resources by automating analyses and make advanced statistical analyses accessible by way of interactivity and visualization.

    For over 25 years Predictum has been helping companies achieve higher levels of Analytical Productivity™ and get better at what they do by making statistical analysis simple, time/cost effective and readily accessible. Our team of engineers & statisticians bring their deep industry knowledge and experience to provide our customers with unique solutions transforming data into business value.

    Specialties Include: Analytics, Statistical methods application and education,
    Business Intelligence, Electronic Data Analysis (EDA), JMP,
    JMP Scripting Language (JSL) development, SAS.

    What is Analytical Productivity™?

    Analytical Productivity™ is a term we have coined to describe our approach to helping companies like yours develop insights to achieve improvements and breakthroughs in operating and design performance.

    This, in turn, can help you save time, glean exploitable insights, prevent costly outages, and make results accessible to operating personnel, engineers, scientists and all levels of management

    What Predictum’s Analytical Productivity™ can do for your analytical processes:

    • Ensure that even the most sophisticated statistical methods are accessible visually and interactively.
    • Help your people discover changes that will increase yields, improving quality, lowering costs and minimizing undesirable events such as the duration & frequency of outages.
    • Provide your development staff with greater amounts of ‘think time’ via the automation of the mechanical work involved in collecting and assembling data.
    • Enable deeper capability of thinking, faster problem response time and increased probability of moving insight to innovation in design and production methods.

    We are dedicated to your success

    Let’s start the conversation, contact us today for more info.

  • Predictum uses the world's most innovative partners to help companies innovate, develop actionable insights and increase business performance



    Predictum is a certified JMP® and SAS® partner. These are the primary tools we use to help our clients explore and interact with data.

    Statistical analysis software like JMP is designed to help analysts, who have a lot to think about already, keep focused on the subject matter, by automating a great many of the mechanical processes involved in statistical analysis and presenting insights visually.

    This is why we focus our development efforts primarily on JMP and SAS. With these tools, we can develop analytical systems that become an integral part of day-to-day operations.

    We are pleased to be affiliated with the KPA-Group whom we represent in North America and who represents us in Europe and the middle east. innovation in design and production methods.

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