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May 25, 2016

Predictum supports Magna’s first volume production of automotive carbon fiber hoods

New materials such as carbon fiber are finding new areas of application in the automotive industry. Its high strength and light weight help car makers meet their mileage, emissions and safety objectives. Magna, as a key player in the industry, committed to supplying hoods for Cadillac’s V-series using carbon fiber. Introducing new materials and processes is always a major challenge. There are variant materials and process factors, both for Magna and at their supplier that must be considered and they typically interact. The combinations can be bewildering.

Predictum project involvement included supporting a team of experienced engineers who needed to sharpen some analytical skills and practices to move the project forward. Predictum provided specialized training and technical support in the area of design of experiments. We also provided a computer-based system to organize and link their activities using the Plan-Do-Study-Act format. This allowed them to see both forest and trees across the many trials and experiments.

The product was introduced on time delivering the required volumes to the customer. The Magna team continues to use the practices they learned which has contribute to substantial ongoing improvements in productivity and quality. Magna was recognized by JEC Americas for their innovations that came from this project. 

News Release – Magna Wins 2016 JEC Americas Innovation Award—magna-wins-2016-jec-americas-innovation-award

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