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White Papers

Best Practices in JMP® Add-In Management

Aimed at IT Managers to help understand how best to distribute JMP add-ins. Learn how add-ins are created and about distribution options and their risks.

Virtual Labs save time and money
in a variety of ways

Virtual labs preserve and socialize your company's knowledge, which is its best information asset. They ensure that physical lab work is fully vetted before being undertaken and they make research done by others readily accessible. They also help get new staff up to speed fast.

Case Studies


With our new SPC system, a pharmaceutical manufacturer now solves production problems quickly while improving regulatory compliance. Through a process control strategy, facilitated by an SPC system, productivity has increased, fewer mistakes are made and it is easier to investigate problems before they become excursions.


Supporting the automotive industry’s first volume production of carbon-fiber hoods for Cadillac’s 2016 ATS-V and CTS-V high-performance models. Working with the client engineering team to sharpen analytical skills complimented by a custom digital system to organize activities led to large gains in operational performance and productivity.


How a scientific test uncovered an insight that reduced steps in the finishing process, achieving cost savings and increased productivity. Through statistical analysis, Predictum revealed opportunities to improve productivity, quality and yields, streamline operations, and significantly decreasing costs.


Analytical systems combine silos of large, unstructured data allowing engineers to surface insights, solve problems and increase yield. Implementing a custom analytical work flow equipment design decisions were statistically leading to a better design for their customers while reducing the risk of failures in the field that would require engineering change orders.

JMP Add-Ins

Dynamic Illustrations for JMP®

This group of dynamic illustrations helps students understand statistical concepts. Once you have installed the JMP Add-In, you can find the illustrations under the Help menu. Each illustration has a "Download Instructions" button at the bottom, which will enable you to download a PDF document with details on how to use the illustration.

Modelling Aids and Flow Charts

Here is a group of modelling aids and flow charts to assist. You can find them under the Help menu once installed.


Statistical Process Control

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is the central feedback-and-alert system for manufacturing. It is a central component of Operations Intelligence Systems and Pharmaceutical Quality Systems.

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Operations Intelligence Systems (OIS) & Pharmaceutical Quality Systems (PQS)

Operations Intelligence Systems (OIS) go by other equivalent names, such as Manufacturing Intelligence Systems (MIS) and Pharmaceutical Quality Systems (PQS). Whichever term you use in your industry, these integrated systems help you prevent problems and respond to challenges fast to maximize your yields, maintain quality and compliance, and lower costs.

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Virtual Labs

Virtual labs rapidly accelerate research and development and process improvement allowing every researcher to access all that was learned by their colleagues, past and present. When researchers leave or are re-assigned, what they know can be fully harnessed, indefinitely. Virtual labs eliminate unknowingly re-experimenting.

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Winning Approval for
Analytical Projects

In this discussion, we will review the challenges in winning approval for analytical projects and resources. We will also explore some strategies and methods that will have senior managers convincing themselves of the utility of JMP analytics.

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Applications that think
for themselves

We build analytical systems for today and tomorrow. To do that, we have to think about what changes may come and build systems so that they are self adapting. This video explains how we accomplish these goals.

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Truth and Lies: Consumer Perception vs. Data

Do consumers act as they think? If they don't, then asking consumers questions about their habits is unlikely to generate reliable data on their actual behavior. We will demonstrate how we used JSL to translate XML files into JMP and reformatted the data tables into files that are useful for exploration and analysis.

Winning Approval for
Analytical Projects

Analysts tend to think that the contribution of analytics to productivity and profitability is self-evident, but sometimes senior managers need to be convinced. In this discussion, we review the challenges in winning approval for analytical projects and resources and explore some strategies and methods that will have senior managers convincing themselves of the utility of JMP analytics.