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Manufacturing, material science, and the world at large is ever more complex. Regulations are more stringent and demand compliance. With the right training and analytical systems, you can overcome complexity without contributing to it.


Predictum® has a full range of software development and technical services to help you accelerate and maintain research and improvement in your products and processes.

Analytical Systems Development


Analytical applications are the most effective way to solve and prevent problems, make insightful discoveries, and improve products and processes. These systems retain your company's expertise and know-how in spite of staff rotations on the job.

Expertise in analytics and subject matter expertise are required to be interdependent to be effective. Analytical systems and applications combine subject matter with analytics for advanced data management in operations and research.

Integrated Analytical Systems
Elevate and expand everyone's analytics practice

  • Enabling

    Give access to data records to allow for the preparation of self-provisioned data. Without integrated analytical systems, users lose valuable time in merely retrieving data.

  • Transfer Talent

    Empowering everyone to be as effective as your most talented staff.

  • Compliant

    Regulatory, internal or customer compliance levels are ensured while substantially reducing costs.

  • Reuse field-tested code library

    Ensure a head start to your solution with pre-existing code.

  • High experienced, multi-disciplinary development staff

    Our development staff are second to none in translating your business challenges into solutions.

  • Applications that think for themselves

    We build scalable and adaptable systems that work for the long term.

  • Highly dependable applications

    Our applications include fault detection and prevention techniques to reduce and ease support.

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Micro & Macro

Education and Training

Education and Training

Engaging. Experienced. Effective.
Training educated people is a challenge. They know their subject matter well, may not afford the time away from work to take a class, and may have negative memories of previous studies in statistics.

Our approach to training and education is to make learning engaging and accessible. By taking advantage of modern tools, particularly JMP software from SAS, we help students understand that a wide variety of scientists, engineers and other analysts can readily apply statistical methods and advance their subject matter expertise. We are pleased to have received favourable feedback from our classes. Learn how your team can benefit from our education and training services today.

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Technical Facilitation

Technical Facilitation

Very often, business needs require your organization to draw on the collective thinking of your staff. Sometimes it’s to solve a perplexing challenge. Other times, it’s to achieve and document consensus on how best to approach your operations. These efforts take the form of Six Sigma,  Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Control Plan (CP) development or Critical Node Tree (CNT) analysis. In the pharmaceutical industry, such efforts are described as Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Continuous Process Verification (CPV).

All these initiatives share the same goal of determining critical process parameters (CPP) as they affect critical quality attributes (CQA).

Facilitators work with engineers and scientists to help them share their thinking in a group, work together collaboratively, and move towards achieving their goals, but most facilitation is untechnical. Facilitators generally understand meeting dynamics, but not engineering and science.

Predictum practices technical facilitation. Our facilitators understand the challenges that are particular to science and engineering. We engage with participants on an engineering and science level–we know their work because we’ve done it ourselves. Meeting dynamics are necessary, but consensus in the world of science and engineering is centered on evidence. We can also train your staff to provide your own technical facilitation.

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Consulting and Collaboration

Consulting and Collaboration

Predictum’s staff have a wide range of industrial experience. As such, we are valued members of your project teams, provide statistical assistance, and help you to develop tools to be employed on the job.

Are you looking to benefit from statistical engineering or expand your team’s ability to solve more than one problem at a time? Predictum’s associates can work with your team remotely or on site to solve your organization’s most pressing business challenges.
Our experts have decades of expertise to help you and your team discover and make the most of usable insights quickly and sustainably, and extend your analytical capabilities without having to add permanent staff.

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