Analytical Productivity:
Discover, Improve, Solve, Create

For over 25 years, Predictum has developed and implemented practical and effective analytical methods to help its clients optimize yield, quality, and productivity, maintain compliance, and lower operational costs.

We are a group of engineers, statisticians, and programmers who are uniquely capable of combining training and the development for software tools and integrated analytical systems to extend and elevate analytical practices in engineering, science, and business.

  • Analytical Productivity

    Our deep experience in analytics and IT enables us to design and implement scalable and adaptable systems, which provide the ability to prepare self-provisioned data, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate R&D. Our rigorous approach to quality and dependability is driven by our application development principles and practices.

    • Analytical Workflows

      Ensure that even tedious and complex procedures are executed consistently, correctly, and completely the first time.

    • Virtual Labs

      Physical experiments are time consuming and expensive. Virtual labs provide instant results at low cost. Experimenting virtually brings forward knowledge gleaned from previous studies.

    • SPC Systems

      Consolidate process, material, and other data into databases, which provide comprehensive and up-to-the-minute reporting, analysis, and traceability.

    • General Functions and Utilities

      Benefit from a variety of applications that extend JMP's capabilities and/or standardize and expand the use of analytical practices defined by experts and can be widely deployed.

  • Strengthen your competitive edge

    Our JMP training instructors have taught thousands of engineers, scientists, and managers. They seek to understand your challenges and help you adopt analytical methods by making the best use of the visualization and interactivity of JMP software.

    • Incorporate your data

      Ease the adoption of analytical methods by facilitating their use with the data in your organization.

    • Dynamic illustration and flowcharts

      Engaging statistical concepts that provide detailed illustrations and flowcharts to make them easier to understand and apply. Such features are made easily available via JMP Add-Ins.

    • Engineering and science examples

      Our instructors speak the language of engineers and scientists and use of familiar concepts and methods to enhance learning.

    • Meaningful, engaged learning

      Our instructors are skilled in facilitating discussions to build on the participants' understanding and execution of these methods.

  • Bridge gaps among engineers, scientists, IT and your business needs

    Our technical facilitations are led by engineers with decades of problem-solving experience. We facilitate design and operational excellence:

    • Root Cause Analysis

      Get to the source of the problem or opportunity and gain actionable insight.

    • Eight Disciplines (8D)

      A comprehensive methodology for approaching and solving operational problems.

    • Critical Node Tree

      Identify and understand in detail the factors that determine operational success in large, complex systems.

    • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

      Our unique approach to identify failure modes and hazards to determine exact probability and risk

    • Control Plan

      Now that critical factors have been identified, develop a plan to monitor and maintain control.

  • Integrate statistical engineering in your team

    Our statisticians and engineers are available for a rapid response should you need assistance on site or remotely.

    • Statistician on call

      Our statisticians and engineers can join your team by phone or WebEx when you require.

    • Project team member

      We can join your project as a team member both on site and remotely.

Predictum® works globally with Fortune 500 companies in various industries, including Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Consumer Products, Solar, and Automotive.

Save time and money while dramatically increasing productivity in product development.

One of our clients reported a rock-bottom, conservative, and minimum ROI to be 1700% on merely the cost of experimentation in using one of our systems. It's a testament that the company continues to invest in this system.

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What is Analytical Productivity?
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We design and build industrial-strength applications for today and tomorrow.

As your business needs evolve for monitoring and analyzing new product lines, tests, stages of production, and suppliers, our applications are intrinsically designed to accommodate them without any changes to code.

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What is Analytical Productivity?
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Providing real-time understanding of what's happening across your IT systems.

Monitor your systems comprehensively to manage data, analytics, and reporting and help you to resolve problems quickly and maintain compliance.

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What is Analytical Productivity?
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About Analytical Productivity™

Analytical Productivity™ is vital to achieving improvements and breakthroughs in operational and design performance. Predictum provides custom applications and learning tools that support this effort. Predictum is in the business of making statistical analysis accessible, simple, and cost effective. We work with our clients to create analytical solutions with tools to sustain error-free operations.

Companies hire Predictum to leverage their analytical resources by automating analyses that prevent costly mistakes, reveal breakthroughs and insights, and make them readily available to a range of staff from operating personnel, engineers, and scientists to all levels of management.