Predictum’s ​​Application ​​Development​​ Principles ​​and​​ Practices

Our application development practices and principles are critical to the success of our applications in maximizing the business value for our clients. They ensure that the collaboration process with our clients remains fluid, efficient, and quality-driven.


 Minimize Burden on Clients Minimize Burden on Clients Minimize the burden on clients during application development such that even major projects can be developed with no disruption to our clients and their own activities. As a team of engineers, statisticians, and programmers, we understand the subject matter and needs of our clients to ensure that they reap the full benefits of the applications we build and the services we provide.
 Reuse Production Code Reuse Production Code Reuse field-tested, preexisting code where possible to shorten development and testing cycles and ensure quality, dependability, and compliance.
 Make Applications Adaptable and Scalable Make Applications Adaptable
and Scalable
Adapt and scale application architecture to meet future needs without having to make changes or enhancements to the code.
 Build Supportability Into Apps Build Supportability
Into Apps
Eliminate the support burden on clients when problems arise by ensuring that:

  • Our applications are user friendly.
  • Users never see raw programming failures.
  • Errors are recorded and reported easily and gracefully.
  • User actions and application events are recorded in real time providing information to quickly identify and resolve the problem.
  • Our applications can send failure information automatically to Predictum for diagnosis and debugging under a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
 Continuously Improve Apps Continuously Improve Apps Continuously enhance and extend code without introducing new bugs.
 Ensure Steady Development Ensure Steady Development Ensure development continuity with standards and best practices in development practices despite rotations of project team members.
 Comply Comply Comply with client, regulatory, and legal requirements and security practices for safeguarding client data and managing application development.

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