Reactivate Your Dormant Data to Extend its Business Value

On-Demand Webinar

Has your company accumulated vast amounts of disparate data that’s only been used once? What opportunities are being missed because the data resides with the individuals who generated it, making it inaccessible to their peers? How do you integrate underused data into your daily work and organizational processes to prevent its initial investment from being lost?

In this webinar, we’ll give an overview and showcase the innovative solutions that will help you unlock, reactivate, and revitalize dormant data:

00:00 Introduction

08:00 Data Extraction Service: a service that enables you to unlock inaccessible, unstructured, and disparate data sources.

16:11 SashLAB™: a Virtual Lab application that uses historical data to build and deploy models to boost productivity in compounding and formulation development.

Together, these applications will enable your organization to:

This allows you to create a repository of actionable knowledge that would otherwise be lost.

The solutions featured in this webinar maintain and extend the business value of your investment in data, and ensure that your company makes the best possible evidence-based decisions for operational gains.

Wayne Levin, President and CEO
Farhan Mansoor, Software Engineer
Michael Haslam, VP, Applications Development

Who should watch this webinar:  Middle to senior executves, engineers, scientists, and business analysts who have to contend with the mounting volumes of underused data in their organizations.

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