Frequently Asked Questions

Why the focus on JMP®? Do you work with other software?

We make a lot of use of JMP® software and JMP Scripting Language (JSL). We also work with R, C++, .net, various databases, and SAS.

We use SAS products frequently, including JMP, because of the value they offer. We have working experience in other packages, but we find that users who are new to analytics are not yet able to grasp the methodology. SAS products provide a solid basis for building of robust, scalable, and expandable applications.

We frequently find that legacy systems, which are built on a variety of analytical platforms, can be retired as we migrate data to custom JMP®/JSL applications.

How do we engage with Predictum?

Engagement with Predictum starts with an email from you to introduce yourself and request a call. During our initial call, we will discuss your general business needs to determine if we can be of help to you.

Usually, we follow with the signing of a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) so that you can discuss more fully your challenges and we can discuss in more detail how we may be able to improve your performance and productivity. This conversation may take place over WebEx so that you can fully illustrate the challenge. We will ask questions, make suggestions, and make some initial proposals on how we might help you.

If we think we can be of help to you, we will prepare a formal estimate and set up a followup call to discuss the matter further.

To commence work, we will require a contract. Depending on the project, we may set you up on our repository and bug-tracking system. As we develop, we deploy easy-to-run code sets and ask you to do some testing. Often, the testing is very quick, but there are testing activities where we require you to have a closer look. These test deployments are usually associated with WebEx sessions.

The development of your solution will proceed until we've met your challenge successfully.

What makes Predictum different?

Predictum is unique team of engineers, statisticians, and programmers. Most of us are qualified in two of those areas and a number of us in all three. We are well versed in just about any area of science and engineering.

For example, we built a mining data analytics system successfully without any prior knowledge of isentropes and geotherms. Likewise, for a different client, we combined measurable engineering data with consumer surveys successfully.

We get up to speed fast without burdening you to explain your subject matter.

What is analytical productivity?

Analytical productivity means getting more actionable insights in less time and effort and from more people. We help you achieve this through our services.

Our products, including our analytical systems built using databases, JMP/JSL, and/or SAS, will have more of your staff effectively operating at the same high level of performance as your most advanced team members. Our education and training programs also build analytical capabilities that will enable your staff to identify improvement opportunities from your data.

Analytical productivity drives superior results in optimizing yields, quality, compliance, and productivity while lowering costs.